On 11/15/2012 07:13 PM, Aditya Mahajan wrote:

Have you considered using pandoc to generate epub?

If your text is relatively simple (no multiline math, no fancy image scaling, no complicated tables, etc.), then Markdown is a reasonable input format. You can use pandoc to translate the text to multiple output formats (including ConTeXt).

In general, I have found pandoc's XHTML export to be more predictable than that of ConTeXt. I have used pandoc's epub export only for short articles, but from what I remember, it does handle cover images and toc correctly.

Nice idea Aditya but in this particular case it won't suffice.

I'm working on a rather long novel, not a technical document, and my /primary/ target electronic format is PDF. That PDF can be distributed electronically or submitted directly to a printer. In the current market, however, so many people want to read books on their smartphone, dedicated ebook reader or tablet an author really limits their market if they don't distribute an ebook version.

Of course, the two primary ebook formats (in terms of market) are epub and Kindle which is easy to generate from an epub. Sticking to ConTeXt allows me to generate PDF, Process PDF and epub from a single source. I can easily touch up the epub in Sigil if I need to.

For this kind of "document," typography and excellent typesetting are extremely important (in the printed/PDF version, anyway). ConTeXt gives me that.

I'll keep pandoc in mind for some other documents, though. Thanks for the lead.

Bill Meahan
Westland, Michigan USA

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