On Sun, 18 Nov 2012, Bill Meahan wrote:

Something has changed on my system and I can't find it. Perhaps someone can point me where I should look.

I've had the texlive2012 installed since it came out and until a couple of days ago everything worked just fine. All of a sudden, things changed. I did nothing directly to the texlive distribution.

wwm@escherton$ context --version gives the error output at the end of this note

wwm@escherton$ sudo context --version works just fine

wwm@escherton$ mtxrun --version works just fine as does mtxrun --script fonts --reload &c.

I created a new user.

context@escherton$ context --version works just fine

I deleted the texlive distribution and re-installed it. No change. I've run sudo context --generate several times with no change in behavior. I've deleted the local .texlive2012 directory but since context won't run, it doesn't get recreated. I can set TEXMF and then context will run but it takes a much longer time than usual and the disk activity light is on almost solid.

Any ideas?

1. Run mtxrun --generate as normal user followed by context --make; otherwise:

2. Something is messed up in $HOME/texmf or $HOME/.texlive2012. Rename these directories to something different and try again.

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