Hey list,

I'm having trouble getting my book to build with nightly 2012.11.23
17:35. This is the error I am receiving which I do not understand:

        ! Math error: parameter \Umathquad\displaystyle is not set.
        \textmath ...\normalstartimath #1\normalstopimath 
                                                          \endgroup \fi 
        \symb_place_indeed ...name \??symbol #1\endcsname 
        \symb_place_retry ...name \symb_place_indeed {:#1}
                                                          \else #1\fi 
        \symb_place_normal_c ...lace_retry \currentsymbol 
        \symb_place_normal_b ...else \symb_place_normal_c 
        \symb_place_indeed ...name \??symbol #1\endcsname 
        l.16 T
              o encourage contributors to refine their ideas, think them
        through, an...
        ? You want to edit file Preface/Preface.tex at line 22

This is the file it is referring to. I don't see anything unusual on
line 22:


PS Please cc me, as I am not on the list currently.

Kip Warner -- Software Engineer
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