Dear ConTeXters,

we will point the distribution to the new server later today (for a
moment without any significant changes). Before we do that I would
like to ask some of you to try out
to make sure that I didn't do any obvious mistake on the way.

The changes that I'm aware of are the following:

1.) changed names of math fonts

deleting fonts/opentype/public/lm/lmmath-regular.otf
deleting fonts/opentype/public/tex-gyre/texgyretermes-math.otf
deleting fonts/opentype/public/tex-gyre/texgyrepagella-math.otf

2.) some font documentation is missing, I forgot to include Asana Math
(fixing it) and there are some euler fonts there were not present
earlier (I need to look into that)

3.) gone: /doc, /experimental, /pragma, /texlive (none of those is
used, but /doc is now under /current/doc)

4.) alpha and dated context versions are gone (hardly make any sense
since they are too old and hardly usable)

5.) I see lots of (so far unexplained) changes in TikZ. I didn't try
to figure out what those are.

6.) I didn't set up headers/footers/icons yet to make the few
semi-(non-)useful notes on the website.


(PS: there are other changes on the way, but I first want to make sure
that the old distribution will keep working as it did now.)
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