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New version of ConTeXt Installer for Windows is available (v1.4).

good news;

It is a GUI wizard of small size (< 2MB), which downloads latest context
distribution, sets PATH for binaries,

is it possible to add an option to NOT add path to Ctx binaries to PATH?

This may collide with TeXLive users, and also when one switches among more Ctx 

BTW: Where the new installer is available?

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and generates format files. Then
ConTeXt works out-of-the-box.

Together with TeXWorks tool, it takes a few minutes from beginning of
installation to writing your first document.

Works fine for all Windows versions.

Known issues:
On my Windows 8 machine, post-install 'make' fails, but it can be run
manually then.

Thanks to Mojca for her help.


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