On 11/30/2012 03:22 AM, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
Dear ConTeXters,

we will point the distribution to the new server later today (for a
moment without any significant changes). Before we do that I would
like to ask some of you to try out
    ./first-install.sh --server=distribution.contextgarden.net
to make sure that I didn't do any obvious mistake on the way.

Hi Mojca,

I just checked the new server. There appear to be no obvious errors, everything works. Just a few small observations:

1. ./first-install.sh --server=distribution.contextgarden.net: I assume you meant ./first-setup.sh, right?

2. Is the rsync phase somewhat slower than it used to be? I have no real measurements, just the impression that it took somewhat longer.

3. I assume the "new" server doesn't get synced to the latest beta yet? Because I get 2012.11.29 18:40, but 2012.11.30 has been out since yesterday, according to the pragma website.

Thanks for the important and wonderful work, all best

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