In metapost (running metafun) the following does not work:

draw image (
draw fullcircle scaled 20cm withpen pencircle scaled 20mm withcolor red withtransparency (1,.40) ; draw fullcircle scaled 15cm withpen pencircle scaled 15mm withcolor green withtransparency (1,.30) ; draw fullcircle scaled 10cm withpen pencircle scaled 10mm withcolor blue withtransparency (1,.20) ;
    withcolor blue
    withtransparency (1,.125) % selectively applied
    withpen pencircle scaled 10mm

Here the last transparency gets only applied to the first element of the picture.

For this reason, the following new variants of 'image' are provided:

decorated   : adds to the current properties, last one wins
redecoreated: replaces the current properties (color and transparency only, pens are kept)
undecorated : ignores the specification

This will work with the upcoming metapost/mplib release but I like to mention it now (before I forget).


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