Hi all,

I finally got something like Pablo's test working on my system.  It doesn't
show much new.  As had already been established, with the right ConTeXt
switches, OpenType features of kerning and ligatures work correctly with

Find attached.  If there's a better way to do this, please comment: I may
put some of this in the FreeFront usage notes.  (Hm... I may tighten the
italic y a bit.)

A question remains: Why does ConTeXt (like some other TeX derivatives that
use OpenType) not determine the OpenType script of runs of text from the
Unicode (or other encoding) character range?  All other font layout systems
I know of do this.  (Remember- a run of text in the OpenType sense is not
the same as the scope of a TeX environment, it is typically a word,
separated by white space or punctuation.)

Maybe there is some rationale, but I haven't heard it yet.

Let me propose a different interpretation for the existing 'script' setting
as used in the \definefontfeature command in the attached tex file:

* If it is not present, the engine would revert to using the script
indicated by the encoding for each run of text.

* If it is present, it would mean "activate only features that match the
specified script".

It appears to me this would not change the rendering of many documents, if
any, but it would alleviate the confusion that gave rise to this thread.


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