On 12/3/2012 3:46 AM, Chen Shen wrote:

        I tried a few mathml examples with 2012.05.30 and the latest
        beta (test
        script attached).

        The 20120530 version fails with eqn1, which uses presentation
        but works with eqn using content mathml.
        The latest beta generates doesn't work with either equations.

    real example needed ...

Sorry I forgot to attach the example. Here it is.

        I see a lot of mathml related changes recently, with the file
        x-mathml.mkiv come and go away.

    what do you mesn with come and go away?

According to the git log, the x-mathml.mkiv file was created and then
removed several times, since 20120530.

as we use that module ourselves it get occasionally improved (the last update involved mml 3, the openmath variant, which used to have its own module)


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