Aditya and Idris were sufficiently strong in their recommendation to use Markdown+pandoc for multi-format document production (including ConTeXt) I decided to take another look.


I suddenly realized the custom formatting I thought I would lose is simply a matter of creating CSS and ConTeXt environment files to specify the formatting and styling. I already use environment files according to the ConTeXt Project Structuring and translating that to CSS is more a matter of spending some time doing it rather than complexity.

Let's go for two facepalms.

What made the difference is a little editor, written entirely in Python so it is cross-platform, called ReText. It is less powerful than Emacs but has the advantage of almost-real-time preview of what the produced document will look like in plain HTML. It's not quite WYSIWYG but it _is_ the next best thing and satisfies my needs. You can find ReText at As I said, it (should) work for Windows and Mac users but you must have WebKit installed for the preview feature. Mac users have it by default since Safari uses it. Actually, Apple wrote it. Of course, you need Python installed as well.

Thanks again!

Bill Meahan
Westland, Michigan USA

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