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> Apparently nobody is interested in correcting this error on Mac OS X :-D

Afaict it’s not OSX related.

> Well I've found that in the folder /System/Library/Fonts all the .otf are not 
> able to be found by the mtxrun --script fonts --reload
> In my case here are the fonts on my system which are not able to be processed:
> AppleSDGothicNeo-Bold.otf
> AppleSDGothicNeo-Regular.otf
> ヒラギノ明朝 ProN W3.otf
> ヒラギノ明朝 ProN W6.otf
> ヒラギノ角ゴ ProN W3.otf
> ヒラギノ角ゴ ProN W6.otf
> I've tried to remove everything and it works.
> Then I add one by one, and each one of them cause the error.
> Somebody has had this kind of problems?




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