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> On 3/23/2013 9:34 PM, Xenia wrote:
>> Dear context list,
>> using the nabla symbol ∇ in formulas, I wondered why it looks italic and
>> not upright as for example in [1].
>> I attach an example.
> Because that's how it's defined in math italics ... is nabla always supposed 
> to be upright in standard math italic mode?
> (I'll change the \nable definition to \unexpanded\def\nabla{∇}.)
> Hans


\nabla should be italic if all other math greek symbols, like \Omega, \Gamma, 
\sum, ect are set in italic. Otherwise \nabla and all such symbols should be 
Would it be possible to make this optional in math italics, something like
Maybe this should be set when one chooses the greek letters to be italic or 
upright in mathematics.

Best regards: OK
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