Sietse wrote:
>> NB1: I waffled a lot about wiki templates in the previous e-mail, but
>> of course it is also an option to use the Lua tables format and store
>> those files on the wiki. That gives us the visibility and editability
>> of the wiki without binding us to the wiki template format.

Hans wrote:
> isn't wikimedia lua aware nowadays?

Hah, so it is — I didn't know that. That sounds like it might be an
ideal fit at least for displaying the command reference, possibly also
for storing its info. In case anyone else is curious: here are some
useful pages I found. (The information was a bit scattered sometimes,
but this set of pages covers most bases.)


Wikipedia's main page on the Lua extension:

Good example template:

The reference manual:

The extension's page:

Some discussion on using Lua databases:
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