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Now the file has been sent to my Kindle, and the only thing I'm afraid
of is the reading experience on 6"...  Hans, I know that you don't like
(today's) ebook readers, but what about preparing a version with larger
fonts/smaller margins for us Kindle users?  Given the typographical
quality of most Kindle ebooks, you may assume that when we read on
a Kindle, we don't care too much about aesthetics (which, btw, is
incomprehensible for me: the technology to typeset text automatically
in an (at least) decent way (including hyphenation) has been around for
some 30 years, and yet they didn't manage to do it right...), so you
might just change a few things in \setuplayout etc. and throw it into
the net...

i fear that the resolution is not good enough for the examples ... we would need real narrow tt and very small examples

(i did consider an electronic version but lack time now)


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