>From ConTeXt's Wiki Garden the below should work, but it isn't. 
How can this be accomlished.  I want to use just \dagger for the symbol, but 
any symbol would do.


\defineconversion[dagger][{\dagger},{\dagger}]   % use a \dagger for the 
\setupfootnotes[conversion=set dagger,location=text]
This is the dagger, \dagger{}    I want to use for reference\footnote{Will the 
dagger appear}.

A second line here for robustness.\footnote{It's a number still.}

-------------------------------- end of example

Also I could find no explanations for what a set is, as in  conversion=set 1 or 
2 or 3 etc.  What is set 1 or 2 or 3?  


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