Am 3/24/2013 20:43, schrieb Marcin Borkowski:
If this \hrule is TeX's primitive \hrule, then you can (maybe) type
[after={\hrule height 0.4pt\relax}] for the default (and change the
height for other dimensions).

That said, this is a low-level hack and not very ConTeXt-y (even if it
works, which I don't know.)


Strangly, it DOES work for a value of 0.01pt (it looks like 0.2pt for framethickness), a value of 0.2pt doesn't make a noticable difference somehow.

This is the most convenient solution for me, but it has a weird aftertaste, given that I do nut understand why I have to give it such a low parameter.

Thank you very much,

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