On 3/29/2013 4:29 PM, Philipp Gesang wrote:
I just read that in the manual:

   Note that at the moment, each access to the font.fonts or call
   to font.getfont creates a lua table for the whole font. This
   process can be quite slow. In a later version of LuaTEX, this
   interface will change (it will start using userdata objects
   instead of actual tables).

even then it's of not much use for context as we have more data and keep that data at the lua end so font.getfont has no benefits then

Compared to Plain, Context adds a lot to the “.parameters” table.
Sadly, writing to it doesn’t appear to change anything …

well, why would you .. the font is already passed to tex and you cannot change that frozen state (imagine: what would a change in width of a char mean halfway? it woul dnot work well with the backend) ... what would you like to change?


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