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> I use a natural table to format my page header. I have another natural table 
> in the body. When the body’s table is split onto the second page it 
> interferes with the formatting of the header’s table, but only the 
> header-table on the first page. I’ve included an example. Run as-is, the 
> header has the correct format. Uncomment the last row of the body table to 
> see the incorrect header formatting. This behavior also occurs using 
> (today, 2013-05-21).
> The incorrect header table format occurs with “split=yes” and “split=repeat” 
> for the body table. If “split=no” then the header table keeps the correct 
> format.
> TexLive 2012 (updated 2013-05-20 to frozen version)
> LuaTeX beta-0.70.2-2012052410
> ConTeXt: 2012.05.30 11:26 MkIV fmt: 2012.9.13
> \setuppapersize[letter][letter]
> \setuplayout[topspace=0pt,
>              header=42pt,
>              headerdistance=6pt,
>              ]
> \setuppagenumbering[location=]
> \setupwhitespace[none]
> \define\syllabusheader{%
> \vskip0.1mm
> \bTABLE[frame=off,width=\textwidth]
>   \setupTABLE[c][1][width=fit,  align=raggedright,style={\bfb\ss}]
>   \setupTABLE[c][2][width=broad,align=center,     style={\bfd\ss}]
>   \setupTABLE[c][3][width=fit,  align=raggedleft, style={\bfb\ss}]
>   \bTR \bTD Left \eTD \bTD Center \eTD \bTD Right \eTD \eTR
> }
> \setupheadertexts[{\framed[corner=09,width=broad,align=center,height=\headerheight]%
>                           {\syllabusheader}}]

This is a known problem when you use the same table environment in the body and 
for the header,
you can use \framed to get the same result without these problems (it’s also 



                        {\leftaligned {Left}}
                        {\midaligned  {Middle}}





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