On 5/27/2013 3:36 PM, Alan Bowen wrote:
I an trying to use \definehighlight to define a macro that will color
and overstrike selected text.
Thus far,

test  \Delete{test} test


! Too many }'s.

system          > tex > error on line 4 in file ...TEST.tex: Too many
}'s ...

If I replace “\overstrike” with “bold”, “\Delete” works. “\overstrike”
works otherwise, so am I trying the impossible here?

The next beta will have \setbar for that purpose, used as:


\definehighlight[Delete]  [color=red,style={\setbar[overstrike]}]
\definehighlight[Keep]    [color=green]



    \startsection[title={{\green green} foo {\green green}}]

        foo \startbar[overstrike]bar\stopbar

        test  \Delete{test} test \Keep{test} test \Whatever{test} test

        \color[red]{test  \Delete{test} test \Keep{test} test}



for the source watchers: watch the subtle change in



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