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> Is there a global way to insert a very thin (ca 1pt) unbreakable space before 
> a right guillemet and after a left guillemet when the main language and 
> character spacing are English, so that “«” and “»”  in my source file are 
> processed properly? 
> The font that I am using puts them too close to the enclosed characters 
> (typically, Greek). Basically, I need to borrow the French spacing for these 
> two characters but have not been able to figure out how to do this from the 
> ConTeXt source files.

\definecharacterspacing [alan]

\setupcharacterspacing [alan] ["00AB] [right=.1,alternative=1]
\setupcharacterspacing [alan] ["00BB] [left=.1,alternative=1]


text «text» text


text «text» text


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