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> Hi list,
> I have two questions regarding registers.
> 1. How to change the title of the register (placed by
> \completeregister) and its numbering style?  (Assume that e.g. I want
> it to be an unnumbered section and not a numbered chapter.)

When you use one of the \complete… (content, synonyms etc.) commands
context uses either \chapter or \title to place the heading for the register,
in addition it creates a reference to the register which has the name
of the register, e.g. “content” or “index”.

In cases where this heading type isn’t sufficient you can use \title
(or any other heading) in combination with \place…, the disadvantage
of this method is that you loose the multilingual labels (not really
a problem) but you can access the texts with \headtext{…},
e.g. \headtext{content} or \headtext{index}

> 2. I'd like my register not to have the headers with subsequent letters
> of the alphabet.  I did [indicator=no] in \setupregister, but still got
> the *vertical spacing* between gropus of entries beginning with the same
> letter. Then, I did also [before={}], but then the space between entry
> groups is actually *smaller* than the usual interline space (confirmed
> by doing \showgrid).  What should I do to prevent this from happening?

Can you provide a example for this?

If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the 

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