> Sander Maijers wrote:
> >> I have a few SVG graphics of multiple megabytes. They contain a lot
> >> of objects (text/shapes). All graphics except for one gets properly
> >> included in my ConTeXt document.
> Marco Patzer wrote:
> > Maybe inkscape failed to convert the file. Is a corresponding
> > m_k_i_v_filename.svg.pdf file generated?
> It might be informative to try running the Inkscape conversion
> manually. This is the command line ConTeXT uses:
>     inkscape "%oldname%" --export-dpi=600 -A "%newname%"
> (The quotation marks are literal: they are there in case the filename
> has spaces, e.g.)

If processing in Inkscape fails, you can try another tool: 

It can (despite its name) transcode SVG to vector PDF:

java -Xmx2G -jar batik-rasterizer.jar -m application/pdf image.svg

In that case you have to transcode your files first and reference PDF variants 
in your input.


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