Hoi Sander,

Sander wrote:
> This gives basically three equally long division lines

The fraction line of a nested fractions is in fact shorter than that
of its parent fraction, but by a very small amout. This seems to be
the standard behaviour -- I tried the formula in LaTeX, and the
difference is just as small.

I agree with you that it would be nice if the difference were a bit
bigger in the case of continued fractions, but I suspect that would be
hard to automate. Anyway: below is a quick hack for manual adjustment.

(I've simplified your formula somewhat -- the one in your mail threw
some syntax errors to do with {} nesting, and the square roots made it
harder to make out the fraction line.)


% Declare a new dimension variable

% Set dimen
% Define a command that adds a padwidth-sized kern
\define[0]\pad{\kern \padwidth}

% Needed for the formula

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