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> Dear all,
> I can't manage to get the date on a french letter style. I am using
> ConTeXt  ver: 2013.04.07 01:04 MKIV beta  fmt: 2013.4.7  int: english/english
> I also tried some older versions and with 
> ConTeXt  ver: 2011.05.18 18:04 MKIV  fmt: 2011.7.31  int: english/english
> I get a date printed above the destination address. I also get a date with 
> other styles. Did anything change in the letter module between this two 
> versions?
> Does anyone know how to get the date with the new version?

I put a new version online which fixes the problem, if you don’t want to wait 
you can add


to your document.

If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the 

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