On 20/06/13 18:51, Hans Hagen wrote:
> On 6/19/2013 9:45 PM, Pablo Rodríguez wrote:
>> [...]
>> The second question is on the space before linenotes that separates
>> from text body. With your fix from last week, things have improved a
>> lot. You told me is tricky. If you allow me a (naive) question:
>> wouldn't it be possible that ConTeXt would check whether body lines
>> respect the before distance of the first paragraphed linenotes and move
>> as many lines that don't respect this distance to the next page?
> linenotes are just notes so no fundamental difference apart from tricky 
> referencing
> paragraph nodes are somewhat complex because we need to fake vertical 
> height while adding horizontal content
> the possibilities and limitations are mostly related to limitations in 
> tex itself
> of course i'll do my best to bypass/correct problems when possible using 
> lua magic

Would samples help you with this task?

Many thanks for your help,

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