On 22/06/13 01:43, Andres Conrado Montoya wrote:
> Hello friends.
> I'm trying to design a book using the typescript you can find at the
> end of this message. I'm using the beautiful EBGaramond fonts from
> Georg Duffner (http://www.georgduffner.at/ebgaramond/). This font
> provides optical sizes to be used in different sizes (named "12" for
> 10.1pt or more, and "8" for 10 or less. These fonts automatically work
> as expected in latex, thanks to a recent package included in CTAN
> (ebgaramond package), selecting the correct font for the appropriate
> size. However, the typescript I'm using selects the "8" size for
> everything, without taking the type size into consideration. Is there
> any way to make ConTeXt do this automatic selection of fonts regarding
> of type size? I'm using version 2013.06.10 22:51.

Hi Andrés,

sorry for not giving more information on this, because I don't
understand how it works.

Here you have an example: http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Optical_Size. (I
guess you forgot the font assignment.)

Wolfgang, wouldn't it be possible to implement optical sizes in
simplefonts? So the user could benefit from ease of use.

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