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> I am trying to install a font so that Context cn use it.  I am  using
> the simplefont module and have a ttf that I'd like to use.
> There is a lot of conflicting information out about to do this and
> som is outdated.   As for ContTeX I did find a nice article, but it
> says to use the program texfont, "which ships with ConTex", but I do
> not have any such file.
> texfont --ve=sil --co=gentium --makepath --install
> I am using the TexLive version.   Is there any simple method to get
> this font so that it can be used by ConTex MKIV ?

Yes, install your font (I assume is Gentium) on your operative system.

Run "mtxrun --script fonts --reload". (Not sure it is required, but I
need this each time I install a font.)

And (assuming you installed Gentium), here is the sample code:

\input knuth

Compile it with "context gentium.tex" (change file name accordingly) and
it should work.

If not, please try to describe what happened.

I hope it helps,

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