On 6/24/2013 12:28 AM, Georg Duffner wrote:
Am 22.06.2013 16:57, schrieb Hans Hagen:

We have no feature 'size' (or I must have forgotten about it). As
there is no consistency in designsizes and there is always some
esthetic choice involved no automatic mechanism is (and will be)
build in.


There is a 'size' table in opentype fonts which contains informations
about the design size, the design range and a style-ID and -name. Fonts
that come with different optical sizes do in fact use that table exactly
for the purpose desired by Andrés. Latin Modern does so, Adobe fonts do
so and EB Garamond happens to use that table too. XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX
interpret it correctly (by means of fontspec, IIRC). So perhaps it’s
worth reconsidering this.

It's too much trouble for the few fonts that come in design sizes. As typescripts need to be defined adding the bit of extra info is no problem. I had a look at the relevant info and in order to make it work with the context font loader (the name driven one, as for files it is irrelevant anyway) quite some fuzzy logic has to be applied: we need a proper way (at least in context) to identify regular, italic, bold italic etc combined with the font name and the fact that names (as well as modifiers) are poluted makes that for lm a different logic has to be applied than for eb and if I don't do some filtering we get an inconsistent lot of of antykwas being seen as a design size collection as well. I just tried to make a an auto-internal-goodie generator and some tracing showed me that if we can get 50% done right, we need to work around the other 50%. (I have lots of fonts on my system).

So for the moment I'll stick to providing goodies files. After all, users load a relevant typescript anyway so much gets hidden. If we get dozens of design sized files I'll look into it again.


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