On 7/21/2013 1:32 PM, Jan Kula wrote:
Dear all,

the deadline for early-bid registration to the upcoming 7th ConTeXt
Meeting in Brejlov, Czech Republic was extended till July 31, 2013.
Early registration also guarantees enough place for everybody who wish
to attend, so you are welcome to register as soon as possible.

Though there are only few abstracts ready, the growing list of
participants guarantees, you will get news and experience on the best of
the ConTeXt and LuaTeX world, not speaking about the possibility to meet
colleagues you already now from the list in person.

Enjoy the summer holidays and we are looking forward to meeting you in

Jano Kula
on behalf of the organizing committee

Also, don't hesitate to tell is what topics you want to get addressed.


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