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> On 21/07/13 19:24, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
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>>> [...]
>>> For some reason unknown to me, the overlay in the second slide has the
>>> background image slightly lifted. All I have realized is that replacing
>>> ✘ with x shows no image lift, but I need ✘.
>>> Is there any way to avoid this image lift?
>> You have to increase the size of the image to mage it bigger than the ✘, you 
>> can do this
>> by wrapping it into a frame, e.g. 
>> \framed[frame=off,offset=1cm]{\externalfigure[…]}.
> Many thanks for your gast reply, Wolfgang.
> I‘m afraid that the frame itself lifts the image. Frame and overlay lift
> the image also. PDF at

You have to write \smash[d]{\startoverlay …\stopoverlay} to get the same output 
with the overlay.

The \framed command isn’t necessary here.

You should also try to make minimal examples when possible only with default 
images and fonts.

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