Hi List, I am very grateful with you all. Thanks for all the teaching.
Sorry if the message is too long.

I have read in several places that the commands \doublehyphendemerits and
\finalhyphendemerits are not a "real" way of dealing with the design issue
of too many hyphens in a row and/or avoiding a hyphen at the end of a page.
I have found that \doublehyphendemerits just avoids TWO hyphens in a row,
but not three or four, etc., and \finalhyphendemerits just doesn't work. I
have read the code, the wiki, the mail list, and the manuals, but with no
success yet. I'm working with grid, and using a widow/orphan control macro
found here on this list:





As a book designer, one of my dreams is migrate all my work to ConTeXt, and
stop using adobe products; I think ConTeXt is a very good design tool.
However, this obstacle is frustrating that dream in part. I know that you
may say "this hyphenation issue is a matter of taste! is not important!"
but all the publishers I have worked with in the last 15 years have
emphasized that rule over and over again. I'm Colombian, so, I design books
mainly in spanish, and in spanish editions is a very common rule to avoid
more than 2 hyphens in a row. I understand that there are similar rules in
french, and I have read some discussions about it, but mostly the thread
finishes with something similar to "use ragged right align and forget
hyphens" (see http://www.mail-archive.com/ntg-context@ntg.nl/msg68899.html).

So, questions are:
1. Is there any definitive way of avoiding 2 or more hyphens on a row AND
hyphens at the end of a page?
2. If is not, and it seems that is not (see
do you manage? Do you just let hyphens be? Do you avoid hyphens using
\unhyphenated or \mbox by hand? No problem, if it's the standard solution,
but I think there should be some mechanism to avoid (n+) hyphens on a row,
something like \maxadjhyphens[2]. Is this impossible / too difficult? If it
is, I'm sorry for bothering you. I just really want to work with ConTeXt. I
have done a couple books for myself, to learn, but I want to take this into
production, and this single issue, so insignificant you may see it, is very
important for me, and I'm sure that other designers would find it very
important too.

Thank you all for your time.

Andrés Conrado Montoya
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