Dear All,

 I am completely new to ConTeXt and after searching and exploring the
 ConTeXt Garden wiki pages and other resources thoroughly, I decided
 to write my first document in Persian which reads:

\enableregime [utf-8]
\definefontfeature [persian] [mode=node,language=dflt,script=arab,



\pagedir TRT\bodydir TRT\pardir TRT\textdir TRT
این یک آزمایش است.
\pagedir TLT\bodydir TLT\pardir TLT\textdir TLT
This is a test.

 As there are some UTF-8 characters in the document I have attached the
 document to this message too.

 The problem is that on my system the Persian part of the output is a set of
 Persian Isolated characters, but on the Persian
 part does not appear at all.
 Could somebody please let me know what am I doing wrong?


Attachment: my-first-doc.tex
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