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the publication list can be configured with `\setuppublications` to be sorted 
by cite order (`sorttype=cite`) or the order of the publication entries 

With the following setup the "short names" of the publication entries are used 
for cite references:

         sorttype=cite,  % <– "short"?

The short names are set using the `s` attribute:


A cite with this setup would look like "[RFC2616]".

In a long bibliography list it is useful if the entries are sorted in 
alphabetical order by these short names to allow a faster lookup of 

Currently I'm using the "filter" module and a Tcl script to sort the 
publication entries ( http://tex.stackexchange.com/q/126939/7074 ), but it might be 
useful if something like a `sorttype=short` option would be added.

I added 'short' as sorttype .. untested as no example.


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