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On Tue, 6 Aug 2013, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:

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Thank you Wolfgang, but I was wondering about the standard

Many (some) commands allow setup assignments, the use of which
overides but does not change the default. This is a very useful
feature of ConTeXt that suggest could be generalized.
\startnarrower is but one example.

Changing the command is simple but I would drop the second
argument when you want to change the left/right etc. values
because you can say “left=4cm” etc. to get the desired margins.

startnarrower has a weird interface. Ideally, it should just support


That’s more or less what I use for the “narrow” alternative in the
annotation module.

I would prefer such a parameter driven narrower environment myself (do
we even need
the left, middle and right option when we can set absolute margins)
but keeping the current
interface for backwards compatibility make things a little bit ugly.

Haven't we broken backward compatibility for other environments as well?
\startlinenumbering immediately comes to mind where the MkII interface was


and the current interface is


I, for one, think that it is OK to break backward compatibility for more
elegance and consistency.

\startnarrower with its interface is one of the oldest commands which also means that it's used in our styles

however, we already have \startnarrow and i extended that one to accept a few more combinations:




\input ward

\startnarrower[2*left] \input ward \stopnarrower

\input ward

\startnarrow[whatever] \input ward \stopnarrow

\input ward

\startnarrow[whatever][right] \input ward \stopnarrow

\input ward

\startnarrow[whatever][default=middle] \input ward \stopnarrow

\input ward

\startnarrow[whatever][default=middle,middle=-1cm] \input ward \stopnarrow

\input ward

\startnarrow[default=middle] \input ward \stopnarrow

\input ward


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