Hello, all--

I am experimenting with the \currentdate command. I am finding that

  \currentdate [weekday,{,~},month,day+,{,~},year]

which should work according to the Wiki, produces:

  Thursday, Augustday+, 2013

This command:

  \currentdate [weekday,{,~},month,day,{,~},year]

works as expected. I also tried

  \date [][weekday,{,~},month,day+,{,~},year]

but that produced the same result as above.

I have a recent stable release of the standalone ConTeXt package from
the Garden. Is there a new way to format a date with an ordinal
indicator (-st, -nd, -rd, -th), or is that just not working at the
moment? Please advise.

Matt Gushee
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