> Try adding
>      prologues := 2;
> or
>      prologues := 3;
> in your mp file.

Good thought, which I tried, though neither setting resolved the

> Any particular reason that you are compiling metapost files using mp and 
> then including them in ConTeXt rather than directly using any one of the 
> inbuilt ConTeXt environments for handling mp (\startMPcode, \useMPgraphic, 
> \processMPbuffer, etc.)

Mostly conservatism.  I cannot quite figure out the canonical
replacement for btex ... etex (textext, sometext?), and then I get
confused by the many possible environments.

What do you recommend as the best btex...etex replacement and the best
environment for replacing a standalong metapost figure (that I would
otherwise just include with \externalfigure)?

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