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> Hello everyone,
> I am using mkiv, and my qestion is:
> Is it possible to have a hyphen instead of a dot as a separator for formula 
> references?
> I can achieve it by using
> \definestructureseparatorset[default][][-]
> but this changes all separators in my document (including section headers 
> etc.). The command isn't referenced in the wiki, so I am at a loss if this is 
> even possible, and how to achieve it.
> And
> \setupformulas[separator={-}]
> seems to have no effect at all.

Instead if redefining the default separator for all floats you can create your 
own set and apply it only to formulas.

There are different separators you can set:

1. The separator between the section numbers in the prefix,

2. the separator between the prefix and the formula number and

3. the separator between the formula numbers (main and sub numbers).






        c^2 = a^2 + b^2


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