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> Dear list,
> although I cannot find it now, I sent a message to the list describing
> that I suspected ConTeXt wasn’t as fast as it should on my computer.
> Here you have a minimal sample:
>    \starttext
>    \input knuth
>    \stoptext
> It takes about 3.5 seconds total runtime to compile. Is this the
> standard required time?

Your minimal example takes for me on the first 1.8 (terminal) to 2 seconds 
and each consecutive run about 0.6 seconds.

> Actually what I wonder is why the compilation requires three runs to
> output the final document.

When you process a new document the first time context takes three runs
to store and read data in the temp files (references and roc etc. values).

After this context takes in most cases only a single run unless references
have changed (e.g. the reference is now on a new page) or new entries
are written to the temp files (e.g. when you add a additional heading).

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