On Mon, 12 Aug 2013, Pablo Rodríguez wrote:

On 08/12/2013 10:37 PM, Aditya Mahajan wrote:
On Mon, 12 Aug 2013, Pablo Rodríguez wrote:

So if I need three times for each compilation (since I use --purgeall),
the time is fine, since my laptop is already some years old.

Out of curiosity, why do you use --purgeall? ConTeXt only generates two
auxillary files (.tuc and .log), so it is does not really clutter the
current working directory (unlike LaTeX which generates some 10 different
aux files).

I thought ConTeXt could generate more auxiliary files than two.

In MkII ConTeXt used to generate more auxiliary files; in MkIV it only generates one (.tuc). The log file is a TeX feature that cannot be turned off (I think).

If you use bibtex, then ConTeXt must also generate the .aux file (because that is hardwired into bibtex!) and bibtex then generates a bbl file. So, in the worst case, you end up with four extra files.

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