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Dear All,

  I am trying to use Persian digits in math formulas. My document reads:

\font\4 = {name:dejavusans} at 10pt

\font\5 = {name:dejavusans} at 7pt

\font\6 = {name:dejavusans} at 5pt

\textfont4=\4 \scriptfont4=\5 \scriptscriptfont4=\6


\definefontfeature [persian] [arabic]





     این یک آزمایش است.




     This is a test.




  However in the output the replaced digit "3" disappears.
  Any help is gratefully appreciated.

For a text font you can add:

\definefontfeature [persian-fake-math] [arabic] [anum=yes]

and say:


but ... nicer is this:



\definetypeface [dejavu] [rm] [serif] [dejavu]   [default]
\definetypeface [dejavu] [ss] [sans]  [dejavu]   [default]
\definetypeface [dejavu] [tt] [mono]  [dejavu]   [default]
\definetypeface [dejavu] [mm] [math] [xitsbidi] [default] [direction=both,rscale=1.2]



\start \setupalign[r2l] \setupmathematics[align=r2l] arabic: این یک آزمایش است. \par text: 3+2=5 \par math: $3+2=5$ $\sqrt{3+2=5}$ \par \stop

\start \setupalign[l2r] \setupmathematics[align=l2r] latin: This is a test. \par text: 3+2=5 \par math: $3+2=5$ $\sqrt{3+2=5}$\par \stop


(see bidi-001.tex in the test suite)


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