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> With the above code the digits are not changed to persian. For your
> information I have
> attached the source, log, and PDF files. 

The following example from Hans worked in my system:


\usetypescript [mathdigits] [xits-dejavu] [arabicindic]


   $3+2=5 \quad \bf 3+2=5$

> Please note that I have changed '\setupbodyfont[dejavu] to
> \setupbodyfont[dejavusans]
> because the font 'dejavu' is not installed on my system.

The DejaVu fonts are shipped with your context installation and you can use them
with \setupbodyfont[dejavu], when you write \setupbodyfont[dejavusans] context
uses Latin Modern because there is no typeface with the name “dejavusans”.

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