-- experimental fix for framed inline direction (at some point we will come up with a more precise description .. also, only use the already posted boxing macros, don't rely on low level box + dir spec as context keep a state of directions independently of tex)

-- fix for marks on fonts like dejavumono that have fixed width glyphs (so also marks with widths but lacking positioning) .. beware: such fotns are monospaced so you get funny side effects with left/right spacing due to some characters not being centered in their wider-than-needed-as-fixed boundingbox .. also beware of bugs in mkmk (last night idris and i spend quit esome hours on nailing these issues down)

-- there is something fuzzy with arial, also in ms toolchains, at different scales, etc etc ... anyhow, for testing best use a decent font, like arabtype, not arial

-- not all complex bidi stuff will be solved in the bidi default methods, use method one or two if applicable

-- some more things done


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