Aditya wrote:
> Any particular reason you are using columnsets rather than \startcolumns 
> or \startmixedcolumns. Columnsets are for specialized layout requirements, 
> and in my experience, mixing columnsets with text that is not in 
> columnsets is a bit tricky.

Thanks for suggesting a potential workaround.

We do have pretty specialized layout requirements, including figures
(some of which are hangarounds within columns, and some are outside of
columnsets but on the same page) and page-width-centered section
headings that are outside of columnsets.
I suspect that we tried \startcolumns and couldn't get it to work, but I
will definitely try again

I can't find \startmixedcolumns on the contextgarden wiki nor in the
ConTeXt manual. There are references to it on this mailing list, as a
"rewrite of the old columns mechanism". I'm reluctant to entrust a big
production project to undocumented features, but at this point, if it
works, we'll probably go with it. I wonder if it's available in mkii as
well as in mkiv?

> \startsetups normal
> \setupinterlinespace[line=12pt]
> \stopsetups
> \startsetups tight
> \setupinterlinespace[line=9.3pt]
> \stopsetups
> \setupmixedcolumns[distance=5mm, balance=yes]
> \starttext
> \section{Introduction}
> \startmixedcolumns[setups=normal]
>     \dorecurse {7} { \input knuth }
> \stopmixedcolumns
> \section{Bibliography}
> \startmixedcolumns[setups=tight]
>     \dorecurse {10} { \input knuth }
> \stopmixedcolumns
> Aditya (not sure why the interlinespacing is not working)

phg wrote "If you want lines to adhere to a tighter line spacing you
will have to set a smaller font size, (the default one is 12pt I think)
e.g. |\setupbodyfont [7pt]| gets you the desired baseline skip and
decent leading. Doesn’t make the gap disappear, though."
I had left font settings out of the minimal example, since they aren't
necessary to exercise the bug.

Thanks again,

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