On Thu, 2013-09-19 at 14:25 -0700, Kip Warner wrote:
> It looks as though the problem is buried in line 596 of font-syn.lua.
> For some reason s.angle is typed as a Lua string and not a number.
>         local angle   = f_a(s.angle or 0)

I tried patching the above with the following...

        local angle   = f_a(tonumber(s.angle) or 0)

...and the Lua compiler does appear to consume that line successfully,
but a new error I cannot decipher creeps up...

        error: /usr/share/texmf/tex/context/base/math-noa.lua:156: You
        can't assign a glue_spec node to a prev field
        \textmath ...\normalstartimath #1\normalstopimath 
                                                          \endgroup \fi 
        \symb_place_indeed ...name \??symbol #1\endcsname 
        \symb_place_retry ...name \symb_place_indeed {:#1}
                                                          \else #1\fi 
        \symb_place_normal_c ...lace_retry \currentsymbol 
        \symb_place_normal_b ...else \symb_place_normal_c 
        \symb_place_indeed ...name \??symbol #1\endcsname 
        l.103 \eTABLE

That also appears to be buried deep inside Hans' math routines. I can't
figure out exactly what he is trying to do, but it looks as though it
has something to do with calculating correct values for fonts.

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