On 9/29/2013 11:55 PM, Philipp Gesang wrote:
Hi Hans,

this got posted on the DANTE list today.

   \definefontfeature [quite_wide] [extend=1.5]
   \definefont [mainfont] [file:Iwona-Regular.otf]
   \definefont [widefont] [file:Iwona-Regular.otf*quite_wide]

     {\widefont foo} %% comment this line and “bar” is fine
     {\widefont baz}

The example defines two fonts with the same base font. If the
scaled variant is used before the regular one then the latter
will appear scaled as well and the spacing (bboxes?) gets messed

I suspect a relation to this old issue:


but if I substitute “slant” for “extend” the behavior is

indeed a known bug in the backend that will be resolved once that part of the code has been cleaned up (extend etc is a seldom used hack so has a low priority)


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