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> Hi there,
> since long time I always use hacks and complicate uses of
> \setuppagenumbering[location=] and \startfrontmatter \stopfrontmatter in 
> different places of my documents, which habe often sideeffects and make 
> problems.

Sectionblock environment are supposed to be used only once in a document.

> All this just for realizing a very simple rule: If the page is empty (no 
> text), then it should be "totally empty", that is: No header, no footer, no 
> pagenumber. But apart from this, do nothing – do not change effects of 
> partnumerings (like \frontmatter does), or anything else.
> That is all I need. Is that easy to realize without on/off-commands, which 
> makes confusing in a large document?



\input knuth

\page[empty] % empty page

\input knuth

\page[yes,right] %move to right page but keep header and footer

\input knuth

\page[yes,header,footer,right] % move to right page and remove header and footer

\input knuth


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