I am trying to create a papersize for a business card (Japanese sized).
I want a 3 mm border/edge and the rest of the space available for text space.

I'm able to get new this for the vertical dimension, but the horizontal text 
area is about 20 mm shorter than desired or (intented) setyp values.

How can I get this to provide a text are width of 85 mm and not the 65 mm I am 
currently getting, even tough I only spacife 3mm right and left edges?


% Minimal example follows:


\setuplayout[leftedge=0mm, leftedgedistance=0mm, leftmargin=0mm, 
             topspace=3mm, top=0mm, topdistance=0mm, header=0mm, 
             footerdistance=0mm, footer=0mm,bottomdistance=0mm, bottom=0mm,
             makeupwidth=85mm ]


    \midaligned{Hello World!}


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