Dear Hans,

I noticed a difference between mkii and mkiv in the behavior of \mframed: it 
seems that in mkiv the frame is not vertically aligned with the the + sign in 
the following example (or rather it is not vertically centered, please see the 
attached PDF produced with ConTeXt  ver: 2013.10.15 13:52 MKIV). 
Does one have to use now a new key to require this sort of alignment?

Best regard: OK

%%%% begin mframed-example.tex



Since for $|x| < 1$ we have
\log(1+x) = \graymath{x- \displaystyle{x^2\over2}} + {x^3 \over 3} + \cdots
we may write $\log(1+x) = x + O(x^2)$.

%%%% end mframed-example.tex

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