Dear list,

I have the following sample and two issues that I must solve:

\showframe\setuplayout[margin=20mm, width=fit, topspace=45mm,
\definelayout[first][topspace=70mm, bottomspace=30mm]
\definelayer[avoidasfloat][x=0mm, y=0mm, hoffset=8mm, voffset=101mm,
location={right,bottom}, state=start]
draw (0mm,0mm)--(55mm,0mm) ;
draw (0mm,0mm)--(0mm,-86mm) ;
draw (0mm,-86mm)--(55mm,-86mm) ;
draw (55mm,-86mm)--(55mm,0mm) ;
\dorecurse{40}{\input knuth\par}

First, the layout is right on the first two pages, but it is wrong from
page three. The text doesn’t reach the bottom frame.

I have the info on multiple layers from the wiki (it isn’t a complete
example, though). After Wolfgang’s reply last Friday, I spend hours
searching on the mailing list trying to find relevant information to
know what I was doing wrong.

If this isn’t a bug, what am I missing here?

My second question is about the layer: is there no way to force the text
to avoid it as if it were a float?

Many thanks for your help,

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