Hello ConTeXist.

Where is my mistake, if I want to have external references a different color than the other (default) links (to sections, figures etc) defined by \setupinteraction?

Thanx Jaroslav Hajtmar

Here is my minimal example:

\setupinteraction[state=start, style=normal, color=blue, contrastcolor=]
\setupurl[style=type, color=green]


\useURL [garden]



This is testing Cow section.

\placefigure[here][cowfig]{Cow figure in Section.}

In \in {section}[sect] at \at {page}[sect] is \in {figure}[cowfig] (these links have the correct blue color).

But this external link to URL \from[garden] should be {\green green} and should be {\green\tt tt font}.


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